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Brief overview


- Social Psychology Research Group


The Social Psychology Research Group at the University of Lyon 2 is the only autonomous center in social and organizational psychology within the perimeter of the University of Lyon. The development of our center which has strong institutional recognition, is structured around a common scientific project which itself is split into two thematic axes which we aim to study:
a) the dynamics of social thinking (social representations, social cognitions, social memory) and the temporal, spatial, health contexts in which it emerges and develops;
b) the consequences of technological, organizational and institutional changes on employees and their professional activity, health, career paths and social environment. Beginning with the vision of a common interest in the social application of their work, the members of the lab study the dynamics of interactions and social representations within their real and varied social contexts. A number of projects carried out in the heart of the laboratory respond to calls for research on concrete social and professional issues articulated by both public and private research organizations. These partnerships are additionally fruitful as they both provide a proximity to socio-professional demands and changes and contribute to the professionalization of young researchers by the confrontation with emerging research fieldwork. It is of equal importance to point out that the laboratory is part of national and international networks which provide possibilities of shared coursework (Ecole Centrale) and open research communities (REMOSCO-FMSH).

mise à jour le 4 mars 2018


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