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Actualité du 29 mai 2015
Special topic : « Health beliefs and common sense »
Date : May 29th 2015
Place : Institute of human sciences (Lyon)

Small International Group Meeting - RICOS (III)


Project: Reconsidering Common Sense (RICOS III)

Our group of 10-15 academics (UK, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Germany) seeks to re-consider the age-old problem of ‘common sense’ across the social sciences. Common sense is in no way a novel topic, but a topic that deserves new attention. Traditionally, common sense and science are seen either in continuity - science is a formal elaboration of common sense - or in a ‘rupture épistémologique’ - there is a radical competition between science and common sense knowledge. We wonder, whether this exhausts the possibilities? Might there be a third way beyond continuity and rupture? We seek to discuss this with particular reference, but not exclusively, to social psychological analysis.

Program (Lyon meeting)

Part 1: Summary and discussion of Neuchâtel meeting

(09h00-10h00) : A first point on the last meeting at Neuchâtel 

Part 2: Topics on health beliefs and common sense

(10h00-11h30) : Helene Joffe : Common sense and health: dialectics and change


(13h30-14h30) : Frederic Fruteau De Laclos : The Meaning of “Epistemology”. Science and Common Sense according to Émile Meyerson

(14h30-15h30) : Nikos Kalampalikis : The anonymous common sense

(15h30-16h30) : Jorge Jesuino : Biosemiotics and common sense

Part 3: Next steps

(16h30-18h00) : Editorial orientation on the basis of the material of our past meetings

                     Discussing about the next meeting

Funds : UL (Palse), UL2-GRePS, REMOSCO-FMSH, LSE

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Laboratoire GRePS (EA 4163)
Institut de Psychologie – Université Lyon 2
Bâtiment V (1er étage)
5 avenue P. Mendès-France
69676 – Bron (France)

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